What is SearchAlot?

10/17/2014 16:41


The Searchalot Virus

Searchalot is a program that is considered malwrae by most security analysts. These types of advertisements are beind used by adware creators to propagate their malware programs. These people are the pirates of the internet and they write malware and virus programs in order to make money off advertising. The easiest way to remove searchalot is at Precisesecurity.com.

The domain searachalot.com is there to serve popup and link text ads to the user of the infected pc. These ads generate revenue for the malware author.

This program comes from accidental installation when the user is installing some type of program that the user actually desires. Searchalot is bundled in with that installation and often times the user is not even aware that searchalot was installed on their pc until later when the poup advertising starts. Once searchalot is installed, the adware alters your current browser defaults and adds code that causes these popup advertisements to start showing up in your browser. They will typically say "ads by searchalot." Another symptom is that your browser can be redirected to searachalot.com upon starting the browser program, this means it has hijacked your browser.

Searchalot ads typically show up when surfing the web and looking through your normal day to day websites. Therefore if you are seeing these advertisements it tells you that there is an adware program on your computer. There isn't any other way to stop searchalot popups unless you are able to uninstall it from your personal computer. Most people want this software off their computer as soon as possible because it is a deterrent to typical day to day computer activities.

Manually removing searchalot software can sometimes solve the issue, but it doesn’t always. If you are able to manually remove it and resolve the problem for yourself that is great. However we recommend downloading malwarebytes antimalware software in order to try to get rid of this virus permanently.

After you have downloaded the malwarebytes software you should then go ahead and restart the computer in safe mode. Do this by restarting your computer and pushing the f8 button upon startup until you end up in the bios settings. Go ahead and push start in safemode, then login to your computer and run the antimalware software, this should take care of your searchalot problem completely.